Russia the beautiful 
Impeccable service, live experience, famous caviar and vodka, glorious traditions of hospitality - we can surely say that you will get immersed into a Russian life style.
About us

RUSSIAN CLASSICS DMC is a team of destination experts who produce outstanding and unique travel experiences in Russia. Our team works hand-in-hand with you during the planning process and then oversees the entire program's execution.

We support your event and meet your every need with high-end proficiency, using local service providers —from airport arrivals, to ground transfers, guide services & hotel accommodation, offsite activities, event setup, and function staffing.

    Organizational and technical support, selection of conference venues and event locations, catering services, interpreter and hostess services, creation of the appropriate concept, travel logistics and hotel accommodation – that’s how we handle classical business events.
    Visit of backstage of a theatre and meeting with Russian ballerina, or surprise with communist – style dinner or welcome reception with Red Army Choir or sailing regatta at the Neva River or speed boat races along canals and rivers, exclusive visit of museums - we create lifetime experiences for you!
    Design of promotional materials with a number of marketing tools, creation a unique marketing conception to inspire your client, pillow gifts with company logo, travel application, advertising and public relations
    The abundance of the recommended activities, selection of classic and alternative programs with reasonable prices for the fulfilling experience - we will be happy to advice on the best one to customize your personal event.
    We select the best venues for your event and join forces of different vendors and local partners. We build powerful business relationships and a highly efficient network of service providers and ensure a competent and quick realisation of your program conception.
    Cooperation with sport associations, functional modern arenas, football stadiums and Ice Palaces, ski resorts, golf clubs and take a training session in one of the sport clubs! Together with the experienced instructors try on Russian hockey or witness the leading championships and support basketball!
As you open the door to Russia you are invited to start your own fascinating history.
  • Professionalism
    Nothing creates positive vibes like a well-designed, experiential event planning and it’s execution. We share our knowledge with you and expertise in the events industry for more than 10 years.
  • Creativity
    We have a passion for creating unforgettable experiences and take pride in arranging bespoke events for guests from all over the world. Discover new trends, ideas for your event, delivered by the best in the business.
  • Local expertise
    We work with local reliable vendors, partners and event support. We consider all facets of different destinations that make the country a bucket-list one.
Let us inspire you with trendy and creative ideas for your special event! With a high level of creativity, innovation, eye for detail and excitement in a way we conduct our program tours, our company will assist you with your particular event in Russia!
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